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Why Reading Her Money Matters Will Change Your Life

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think I could learn anything new from yet another personal finance book. I’ve read a lot of these books since starting my money journey and I didn’t need another “money guru” reprimanding me about my matcha green tea latte addiction. (It’s what sparks joy, let me be!) We all value different things in life and the way we spend our money is a direct reflection of our values. Her Money Matters by Jen Hemphill acknowledges this universal truth. Instead of telling you how to manage your money, Jen challenges you to embrace your individuality and to recognize how your unique money story can help you meet your wildest money goals!

Here are 20 reasons why I think this book will change your life.

1.  Jen’s conversational style will make you feel safe and guiltless about your relationship with money.

2. Did you know that everyone has a money mindset? Grab a pen and paper because you’re an active participant in this journey, and you are about to find out yours.

3. Money is an emotionally charged subject. Thanks to Jen, you will identify your values and no longer have to wallow in self-pity about your financial situation.

4. Her Money Matters does not focus on the boring aspects of money management. (You know, the B word.)

5. We all need to be nicer to ourselves and Jen is like that encouraging friend who relentlessly motivates you and believes in your dreams.

6. Let’s be real, most personal finance gurus think they know what’s best for you. This book makes YOU a participant and YOU are the one who decides how to accomplish your money goals.

7. Jen is down to earth and offers practical advice making you wonder where she has been all of your life.

8. What does your past have to do with your money goals? Brace yourself jefa, because you will have to do some digging into your past to identify how your money story has shaped you.

9. There is power in dreaming big. Creating and visualizing your dream budget will propel you toward achieving your wild money goals.

10. Negotiating can be scary but learning to negotiate with yourself is a powerful skill you want in your arsenal.

11. Instead of telling you to go easy on the lattes, Jen wants you to consistently celebrate your “money wins”. This practice will empower you to tackle any financial obstacle that comes your way.

12. How many times have you put others’ needs before yours? Not anymore, because self-care is critical to meeting your money goals.

13. After reading this book, you will know what your Big Why is and how to use it to combat any insecurities you have about your financial life.

14. I don’t know about you, but I love personal stories and Jen sprinkles hers throughout this book to form a deeper connection with you.

15. Jefa, this is your money show and your time to lead! Your money works for you, don’t be afraid to tell it what to do.

16. Why is talking about money so taboo? The words in this book will empower you to own your story and get you comfortable with money conversations.

17. Jen gives you the flexibility and options on how to create a money management system that meets your needs.

18. Budgets are not a four letter words and they don’t have to be so cumbersome. You will be able to determine what budget intensity you need based on your specific money stage.

19. Money mishaps are bound to happen, but with an accountability partner you will have an automatic cheerleader motivating you along the way.

20. Jen believes in you, but most importantly she wants you to believe in yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

BONUS:  Jen is a proud Latina who wants every JEFA to take control of her financial situation and reach her wildest money dreams!

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