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6 Readers Share Their Favorite Personal Finance Tips

Nothing excites me more than women sharing personal finance knowledge.

We all have nuggets of wisdom to share based on our education and life experience, and everyone (I mean everyone!) has something to contribute.

Talking about money can be uncomfortable, but now more than ever, women are opening up about their experiences. And this is exciting! By sharing our knowledge we can learn something new. A new tip. A new strategy. A new outlook.

Last week on Instagram, I asked readers to share their favorite personal finance tips. I love asking the community for their feedback, advice, thoughts. I think it’s important we have these discussions, especially when it comes to money.

Many of us have had to go at it alone, and it’s nice to have a community of like-minded women supporting one another.

So, this is what 6 of our readers had to say…

“Invest in tax-advantaged accounts before taxable ones.” -Rita-Soledad F.

“Log into your bank account and write down exactly where everything is going. Based off your current money spending, start budgeting how much you’d like to start shifting your dollars. Now check-in with yourself at least once a week. Be honest with yourself and try your best.” -Crystal B.

“I’m a business owner but treat myself like an employee. I set a payday for myself and this helps me manage my money better. It also helps me limit my spending because I know I won’t have another payday right away.” -Ana G.

“Celebrate your financial journey and have talk to other mujeres about what you’re doing, how are you doing it and teach others.” -Luzy K.

“Not being ashamed of doing the healing work around your relationship with money. Takes honesty, vulnerability and self-compassion to get over the generational trauma around money passed on from our families.” -Aileen T.

“Work on your money relationship and mindset. Sometimes we’re scared to create a budget or track our finances because of the shame/guilt we may feel. But challenging ourselves to begin these uncomfortable tasks can be life changing.” -Cynthia D.

I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I did, and a big THANK YOU to our readers for sharing this valuable knowledge!